Flour is a 360 solution in households , is not only used for baking but various purposes including the ones below:

Flour makes homemade glue

Flour is cheaper and arguably easier to work with that rubber cement, making your own glue for craft projects is a great alternative to running out to the store.

Flour is an organic insect repellent in garden

Nothing is more frustrating than spending a lot of time and your hard earned money to create a beautiful garden for chewing insects like grasshoppers from gobbled up your plants.

Makes dry shampoo

You have probably heard about the trick of using baby powder as a dry shampoo. Flour works too. If you have darker hair try adding a little coco powder to darken the mixture. Your hair looks good after and you also get to save.

Restores the shine to stainless steel appliances & sinks.

This is super simple, and makes a huge difference. recommends cleaning your appliances as normal, then sprinkling a bit of flour onto a clean, dry cloth and using it to buff the stainless steel.