Step one

Add a little mealie -meal to the pot, then add cold water to make a paste and stir until your paste looks ready and put your pot on the stove.

Step two

Add boiling water whilst stirring simultaneously so as to prevent the formation of lumps, keep stirring until it is boiling , a phenomenon known in Shona as kukwata. Cover pot, reduce heat, and let it simmer for 15 minutes, this is depended on the type of cornmeal one is using, if its super refined meal then it would take less time and if its unrefined meal stick to 15 minutes.

Step three

After 15 minutes add more mealie-meal bit by bit then mix, a process known as kumona sadza in Zimbabwe. Continue mixing system with the cooking stick(as shown in the picture)until it reaches the consistency that you want. But do not make it too thick though.

Final Stage

You are good to go!...your sadza /isitshwala is ready....put in a plate and serve with relish!!!!