Getting CREATIVE with rice

Rice is one of the best carbohydrate most families enjoy eating , It can be cooked differently and still tastes good, Well Did You Know?

Rice fertilizes hair and cleanses your face

After you wash your rice Never throw away the water again because your hair needs it. Fermented rice water can be used to make a healthy and cheap hair wash to grow hair and kill any bacteria that may disturb your hair growth and it can also be used as a facial cleanser.

Rice terminates rust

Give your tools some uncooked rice to maintain their rust free condition. The rice absorbs the moisture in your tools box and helps to keep your precious tools dry and free of rust. You will enjoy your tools for longer.

It ripens fruits fast

Have your fruits taken too long to be ripe and ready? Rice helps to trap ethylene and will help your fruit ripen quicker. However one has to continuously check on it because results can happen pretty quickly! This is one of the quickest methods that mothers use for their children to eat a fruit daily.

Saves a wet phone

Should your phone swim, take a deep breath and grab a bag of rice. Fill up a bowl rice and place your phone in it. Leave it for a couple of days and then fish it out. Rice absorbs all the water and your phone will be back in business.

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